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A lighter-weight version of the LinkedIn app


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LinkedIn Lite is an official app from LinkedIn that basically offers you the same experience that you'd get from the original app, but wrapped up in a much lighter-weight package. It's so lightweight, in fact, that the app doesn't take up even one entire megabyte of memory on your device.

Despite its dramatically reduced size, LinkedIn Lite offers exactly the same features that you can find in the official app or on the LinkedIn website. You can find jobs, accept or reject invitations, look at other users' profiles, edit your own profile, send messages to friends, see news, etc.

LinkedIn Lite is an excellent alternative for any regular user of this popular professional network, that takes up very little of the valuable memory space on your device.
LinkedIn releases a Lite version for Android

The careers-centered social network is the latest to jump on the Lite apps bandwagon. Linkedin Lite does what any slimmed-down app should do: offers practically all the same features as its bigger sibling but delivers it in a much smaller and more lightweight package.
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Requires Android 5.0 or higher

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